Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

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Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Easter is one of the two most important annual Christian holidays. The first is Christmas with the birth of the Christ child. The second is Easter, in which Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. The holiday signifies Jesus’ victory over sin and death following his crucifixion, the fulfillment of Scripture’s promise that Jesus would rise from the dead in three days, and the assurance of eternal life for all those who profess his name.

Easter marks the conclusion of Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday and marks Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It continues with Maundy Thursday when Jesus celebrates his last (Passover) supper with his disciples. It is punctuated by Good Friday, in which Christians remember Jesus’ death on the cross. The solemnity of that service is in sharp contrast to the celebratory hope of Easter just days later. Easter invites all believers into that same reversal, that same victory through Jesus Christ.