“How Do I Become A Christian”


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Becoming a Christian begins with an admission that there is a broken relationship between you and God because of your wrongdoing.

The priority is to repair this relationship between you and God, based on what Jesus has done for you through His death upon the Cross.

Admit you are a sinner.

A person becomes a Christian by asking God for forgiveness. This means a person recognises they are a sinner and repents of their sin. Repentance means to turn away and acknowledge your sins. The Bible uses a word which means to miss the mark. Romans 3:23 states “All of us have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.”

Acknowledge your sins.

Now, although it is true that God loves us as we are, He does not want to leave us that way. He wants you to turn from your sin and believe in and follow Him. When you do this, you become one of His adopted children and receive new life, eternal life.

Jesus put it best when He said, “God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life . . .” John 3:16 (CEV).

This heartfelt act of turning back to God is all that is required. “I know that I have not lived as you want me to.”

The Bible explains how to become a Christian in remarkably simple terms: Realise that everyone has sinned and cannot live up to God’s standard of holiness, but God has provided a remedy which is offered to us as a gift. Romans 6:23 – Sin pays off with death. But God’s gift is eternal life given by Jesus Christ our Lord.

Take the free gift God is offering you. How?

  • Ask Jesus today to forgive you of your sins.
  • You can pray a simple prayer like this:

Lord Jesus, I believe You died for me and Your sacrifice paid for my sins and put an end to my separation with you. Thank you for Your gift of eternal life. Today I ask You to forgive my sin and to help me turn away from sin and follow You. I submit to You as Lord and I entrust my life to You, my Saviour. Lead and guide me in Your way. Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer or need further guidance, we encourage you to contact the Hervey Bay Gospel Chapel or other Bible teaching Christian church.